Why you need Fast Checkout

There are a lot of companies that claim to have one-click checkout, but very few actually deliver on it. We have been working with Fast since October of 2020 and have watch our clients conversion rates increase, average order value go up, and have more return customers than ever before. When you give your customers an easy way to checkout every single time they come to your site they'll purchase more.

Here's some proof.

Saddleback Leather saw a 65% conversion lift after installing Fast Checkout

About: Saddleback Leather has 35+ employees, and they are located in Fort Worth, Texas. They manufacture their own bags in Leon, Mexico.

Challenge: Increase conversion rates during a global pandemic and make the checkout process quick after moving to BigCommerce.

The Outcome: Saddleback saw an astounding 65% lift in conversion after installing Fast Checkout just before Black Friday.

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Interested in realizing all the benefits of providing an easier checkout experience for your customers? Head to the Fast Install Guide for BigCommerce Stores and use promo code fastcheckout to receive a coupon for a free hoodie from the Fast Store.